Pay at the table is here.

Your complete restaurant payment solution. 

Fits In Your Pocket

Our thin, lightweight device fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere.   Download Device Specs Sheet

Payments Made Simple

Just type the amount and swipe the card. 

Rugged Case for Rugged Jobs

Our protective case with hand straps keeps your device safe from damage. 

Money Goes To Your Bank

We connect your device to your bank account. 

  • Accept Tips

    Make more money by allowing your customers to tip with their credit cards. 

  • Enter In Job Details

    Take pictures and save job details like labor and material amount.  

  • Text and Email Receipts

    Send your customers text and email receipts. 

  • Dashboards

    Dashboards that allow you to track sales, issue refunds and manage employee accounts. 

What Makes Us Different?

Our device has a certified pin pad.  Your phone or iPad does not, so other companies charge you more.  Alot more.   

Billions of dollars are wasted every year on processing fees by swiping debit cards as credit cards using "free" card readers.  In the fine print, other companies will say "debit cards are processed like credit" because they don't have a certified pin pad on their device.  Guess what?  Debit cards are the most preferred payment method, so this is a big deal.  We care about small business owners and it's time to change the game. It's time to make payments fair. 

Save big with the best mPOS solution

What People Are Saying

"I make more money now because my customers can tip me.  I was surprised how much more they tip on their credit cards." 

"I like the ability to enter job details like labor and material amount.  It's exactly what I need for my business." 

"My customers really like that I can accept credits cards now.  Plus they like the email receipts."

"I'm not very good with technology, but I can use ChecOut.  My customers really like it."

"Adding pictures really helps me stay organized and have proof for my work months from now."