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Whether you are a small business with only a limited physical presence or a large brick and mortar store with stores widely scattered around the country, you will need a robust point of sale (POS) system to streamline your operations. The concept of a POS system has long evolved from just a simple cash register tracking sales to a system that essentially helps increase your sales via the advanced functionalities that it offers. Imagine having a robot that continually tells you what to do to boost your sales. Gone are the days when traditional POS systems were simply cash registers mounted at the checkout counters. As we evolve, POS systems have developed into full-fledged systems capable of accepting payments on the go, analyzing and reporting data, payment processing, employee management, and a lot more. Thus, investing in the right kind of POS for your business type is essential to increase your bottom line sales.  Researching the Top POS Companies will help you on your search.  ChecOut is a Top 10 POS Solution. 

Evolving trends in the POS market

The POS landscape is gradually changing into one which helps businesses to rely entirely on them. It has grown from being a back office tool to an Omnichannel strategy. The checkout process is no longer restricted to the counter. The idea is to bring the checkout to the customer regardless of where he is in the store thus providing ease and convenience.

 ChecOut offers one of a kind “all in one” pocketable POS solution enabling “payments on the go”.

If you don’t have a full-fledged POS solution, chances are you will not stand ground in front of your competitors. POS systems nowadays include both the hardware as well as the software. Integration with back end apps such as customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management is an integral part of a robust system.

ChecOut offers customers the functionality to integrate with back end apps such as CRM, inventory management, payroll, etc. through its open software platform. It has a standard development kit (SDK) for 3rd party developers and market place to offer best in class purpose-built applications.

Important factors to look for in a POS system:

The POS system that you have essentially translates into the long term success of your company regardless of the size of your business. The type of POS that you choose depends on the nature of your business. For instance, POS for a small business will have different functionality and use cases than a fashion retailer or a pharmaceutical retailer. However, the essential underlying factors remain constant while making this decision. Following factors must be considered while deciding to buy a POS:

  1.      Initial cost
  2.      Processing fee (ChecOut has a transaction processing fee of 1.76% as opposed to 2.75% on all debit card transactions)
  3.      PCI, EMV, PTS compliance
  4.      Cloud-based software
  5.      Ability to accept all kinds of payments such as EMV chip card, Euro pay, NFC payments such as apple pay, Samsung pay, MSR
  6.      Wi-Fi, 4G connectivity
  7. Reliable processor (ChecOut offers a reliable Intel quad-core processor at 2.24 GHz for ultimate processing speed)
  8.      Robust battery life (ChecOut offers extended battery life up to 8-10 hours for uninterrupted use in one charge)
  9.      Barcode scanner (ChecOut offers a 1D/2D barcode scanner engine instead of a camera)
  10.   Pin on glass for secure payments (ChecOut has a 2.4” secure PIN entry and signature pad)
  11.   Type of OS it offers (ChecOut’s ChecOut is optimized to work with both Android M and Windows 10 OS thus capturing best of both worlds )
  12.   Open software platform
  13.   Advanced POS software analytics

Best POS system for retailers

The best POS system is one which is tailor-made for a particular kind of business. POS features such as table management, for instance, will not be relevant for a retailer. Retailers need a POS system with not just a strong hardware but also a portable one. Increasingly retailers are making use of mobile POS for line busting to provide customers better shopping experience.

51% of consumers believe that traditional POS is outdated and 35% of consumers said they would shop at a store more often if it had an mPOS. We offer an all in one integrated POS which can not only be used in addition to a traditional POS but also on a stand-alone basis providing all the functionalities needed by a retailer. Our POS allows retailers to take payments anywhere from the aisles to the checkout counters with receipts being emailed to the customers.

Shoppers are most satisfied when associates carrying handheld devices assist them regarding product information, restocking information, floor navigation, etc. Our device offers all these functions and much more for a better shopping experience. (This pertains to the Retail software whenever it’s made available)

Best POS system for restaurants

It is imperative to have a robust POS for a restaurant to track the sales, keep track of raw materials and costs and analyze sales trends.

An interactive POS is particularly crucial for a restaurant because customers spend a reasonable amount of time in the restaurant. You can only be as hospitable as your POS allows you to be. A rising trend in POS for hospitality is its ability to be able to engage customers not just at the checkout counter but also at the table. ChecOut Q allows customers to place orders directly from the table thus making the entire dining and ordering experience extremely consumer friendly. Customers can be engaged with games and videos while waiting for their orders. It also makes table management and tip management completely hassle-free. (This part is only applicable if/ when we launch the restaurant app/ solution)

Best POS system for home services

If you are a home service provider the most important factor to consider for a POS system is portability. The POS should be able to accept both debit and credit cards, print receipts and be portable enough for the contractor to carry to any remote location.

We are the only player in the market that provides all these features along with an app which is custom made to suit the needs of home service providers.

You can accept both cash and card payments, take pictures of the jobs done, manage employees as well as tips. You can also keep track of all the jobs performed along with their date/ time and payments in the app. You can also email the receipts to the end customers.

Why choose ChecOut?

The crux of the above discussion is the fact that a good POS system needs to have a robust hardware and also one which is the most convenient to use.

We differ from other POS providers in the market because we offer an “all in one” POS system which does not need any additional add ons such as readers for it to function as a POS. We are living in the smartphone age and customers have a strong preference to have everything on the palm of their hands aka their smartphones. This is where we step in and provide a POS within a phone with all the normal functionalities of the phone as well. The user can use it to take pictures, access the internet etc in addition to the POS functionalities. The hardware design is sleek and stylish which can be carried anywhere because of its compact nature. It is light weight which makes it extremely portable as well.