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ChecOut Device

ChecOut Device

ChecOut Device


The payment system that travels with you, so you can accept credit cards "On The Go."  

ChecOut is a mobile payment device that has a built-in credit card reader that allows you to accept credit cards anywhere.  It is the only mobile device on the market that has a built-in pin pad, signature pad and credit card reader all in one device.  This allows you to start accepting credit cards and debit cards today.  We make everything very easy with simple screens and instructions.  Available in English and Spanish languages. 
How It Works
  • Step 1:  Type Amount 
  • Step 2:  Swipe Credit Card 
  • Step 3:  Money is deposited in your bank account 
  • Available in 2 versions:  Wifi Only or Cellular + Wifi 
  • Cellular Provider:  AT&T 
  • Payment Processor:  First Data
  • Charger and charging cable included
  • Mobile Checkout Device 
  • Built-in credit card reader
  • Built-in chip reader 
  • Build-in pin pad and signature pad 
  • Barcode scanner (1D/2D, QR Code)
  • Front and Rear Cameras
  • Android Operating System
  • Built with Powerful Intel Quad Core Processor 
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Cloud-based dashboard 
  • 6.4” Full HD display screen
  • Bluetooth 
  • GPS
  • Storage:  32 GB 
  • RAM:  4 GB
  • Additional customization available for enterprise and large purchases
Everything is VERY easy to use!  We are always available for a phone call to help you with ANY questions 24/7! 
What else should I order?
We also recommend ordering one of our Protective Cases to help protect your device.  To order a protective case Click Here.